2014 Haunted Houses

Featured Haunt (website hosted here): Ankeny Haunted Barn.

Slaughterhouse 2013

Here are the only haunted houses we have heard about, so far. The descriptions mostly come from the haunt operators (or their websites), but as we go through the attractions, we will try to revise them to reflect what they actually consist of. “The worst of humanity” doesn't give much information -- chainsaw killers? politicians? We will try to keep spoilers to a minimum. Events that have been specifically tagged as "Family Friendly" will not appear in this listing.


See also: 2010, 2011, 2012 and 2013.

Other Indexes

We believe in cross promotion, so here are other haunted house indexes we have found. DMHH is not responsible for the accuracy of information on these sites, but we will at least try to point out major omissions if we notice them.