Audio/Video Effects

I am available to custom create audio or video effects for your attraction. Whether you want a projected full moon, shadow effects or just a custom sound effects loop for a room, I should be able to help you out.

Limited Animation

I also have limited animation capability. This is a photo of a Halloween mask, animated using a program called CrazyTalk:

Shadow Effect

The following is test video of a "shadow" effect. It would be projected (with the projector turned sideways to make the image taller) down the end of a hallway. As guests came around the corner, they would see the shadow as if there were someone waiting for them around the corner. Other shadow effects ideas include zombies outside a window, or someone behind a shower curtain.

Animated Prop Programming

In 2005, I began working with computer controllers from EFX-TEK (Parallax). I custom built a half dozen controller modules and programmed them to run pneumatic props, lights and fog machines. They included passive infrared motion sensors, manual switches, and the ability to toggle 110V wall outlet devices. Fun stuff. This video is from the first test of an animated gas chamber prop.

Promotional Videos

I also have done various promotional videos for local haunts, including this excellent backyard haunt that was in Urbandale, Iowa in 2007.